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Amber with 12 Tips on How to Keep Your House Cool During the Summer

As the temperature starts to rise, we know how hard it is to find the motivation to be productive. It’s tempting to crank up the A/C, but there are plenty of other ways you can cool down without running up your utility bill! 

Check out these 12 cost effective ways to keep your house cool this summer!

  1. Get a dehumidifier – Sucking the moisture out of your home will provide immediate results when it comes to comfort!
  2. Reduce the amount of sunlight that comes in – Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE natural light, but there’s no denying it can make a room hot! Try sheer shades, or tilting the blinds to keep the room bright, but with less direct light!
  3. Turn off the lights! Switch incandescent lights to LED lights- they don’t produce as much heat!
  4. Keep cool air in by keeping doors shut when it’s hot outside!
  5. Avoid cooking during the hot parts of the day. If you have a grill, it’s great to keep the heat outside!
  6. Create cross ventilation by opening doors or window on opposite sides of the house.
  7. Set your ceiling fans to go counter clockwise. This will pull hot air up instead of pushing it down toward you!
  8. Put your box fans to blow out of the window instead of in. Rather than blowing the hot heat in from outside, it will suck the hot air right out!
  9. Make use of kitchen and bathroom vent fans. They will suck up the hot air and blow them out of the house.
  10. Do laundry or ironing in the earlier or later parts of the day.
  11. Use a water spritzer to make your drapes or curtains slightly damp. When there is a breeze, the wind blowing through the water will make your house feel cooler. (Use an essential oil if you’re looking to add a nice scent too!)
  12. Let the night air in – the air is cooler at night, open up the windows and let the fresh air in. (Stay Safe!) This will also help to flush out any toxins in the air inside your home and give you a healthier environment to live in!
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