Why Work With Signature Home Buyers?

Signature Home Buyers is the largest real estate investment company in the capital region. We have bought and sold thousands of properties successfully within our community, leaving behind satisfied customers and elevated neighborhoods. We are staffed with highly trained and experienced people that work hard to provide personalized solutions to your unique real estate needs or challenges. Whether you need to settle an estate, escape the burden of house repairs, recover from property tax delinquency, or you just want quick cash, we could be your next step. 

Advantages to choosing us over your typical real-estate listing office are:

Fast Cash: Once we evaluate your property and settle on an agreed-upon number, that money is in your hands, sometimes, within 30 days.  

No Fees: All the money from the agreed-upon number goes to you. There are no closing costs, commissions, attorney fees, clean-up fees, or any fees at all.

No Hassle: There is nothing you need to do. We have a team of in-house professionals that handle all the paperwork. However, you will receive a contact number for your own qualified specialist who is available to you for any questions or concerns. 

No Heavy Lifting: We will clean out your house for you. Anything you leave behind, we will take care of it. We also do all the repairs or renovations needed to make sure your house returns to its original condition.

And if you have a little extra time (90-120 days on average), ask us about our joint venture agreement. This agreement allows us to partner with you to sell your house for top sales value. While you retain full ownership, we will renovate your house and pay your mortgage and utilities until it’s ready to sell. Once it sells, we pay you the agreed-upon preset number and we keep the remainder.

And if our service isn’t right for you, but maybe for someone you know, you could be eligible to receive a referral bonus. If the house referred to us by you sells, earn $2,000. It’s that easy.

Signature Home Buyers is a win-win company. We work with integrity to make sure our clients are happy with their home-selling experience whilst helping to improve local neighborhoods by turning vacant or unsightly houses into aesthetically pleasing properties.

Get back your financial freedom and get back to doing the things you love.

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